Kansai International Airport in Japan

Should you take a look at any photograph of this airport, you will assume it is not dangerous, although…maybe it just seems so? Anyway, the airport is located 5 km from land, on an artificial island. Why would they build an airport on such an instable terrain?

Japan is a land full of mountains and all the possible spots to build an airport on were already taken. Moreover, the airport can operate all night in this place – the noise generated by aircrafts, doesn’t reach the land and such a remote location eliminates any threats to the inhabitants. In order to create an artificial island, sand and crushed rocks were stacked at the bottom of the sea. The stability of 900 pillars on which the whole construction was placed is monitored and regulated constantly (each pillar can be adjusted individually, which allows equalizing the level differences of subsiding materials). The artificial island is connected with the land via a two-story bridge, which is over 3 kilometers long.