Tegucigalpa – Toncontin International Airport

The airport is located 6 km from the center of Honduras’ capital city – Tegucigalpa. It is one of the world’s airports that give pilots sleepless nights. The airport is situated at 1000 meters above sea level and surrounded by mountains from all directions. Airplanes start the landing procedure just above a highway. All the landing path is precisely designated by ground signage. Even the exact place the chassis should meet the ground is marked.

In the past, the length of the runway also used to be a problem. However, with the course of many years, it’s been extended from 1 005 meters to 2021 meters, being 45 meters wide. Still, the ground run is just 1863 meters long. Tegucigalpa – Toncontin Airport is equipped with 4 check-in points (two being located at the new terminal). Moreover, you will find all the amenities there should be at an international airport: a post office, bank, currency exchange office, lots of restaurants and duty-free stores, car rentals and first-aid spots.